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Life as it is.
Leave my door open just a crack Please take me away from here Cause I feel like such an insomniac Why do I tire of counting sheep? When I'm far too tired to fall asleep To ten million fireflies I'm weird cause I hate goodbyes I got misty eyes as they said farewell But I'll know where several are If my dreams get real bizarre Cause I saved a few and I keep them in a jar I'd like to make myself believe That planet Earth turns, slowly It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep Cause everything is never as it seems.

21 November, 2009, 6:29 PM
oh life, why are you so cruel to me?

Slacking Ttm !
2more papers to go! Bio on the 1st of dec & Psychology on the 27th of nov. Gotto chiong ! sigh.
Nevermind, its okay, after my psychology paper, i will be heading to seven for a end of exams partehhh [not my end of exams party thou =( ]
oh well its my well deserved break !=)
The other exam papers were kinda acceptable, except for the fact that math was a nightmare, as usual! ( If you do not know, i totally suck @ maths =) , its my well-accepted fact)
Suddenly I have this urge to finish Trinity and head onwards to Uni like quickly, maybe bcuz of the new apartment that i'm gonna live next year, i getto pick my furniture. AWESOME SHIT ! =D and offcourse the Course selections and subject selections and offcourse more parties and booze. =) AHHH~ the life of a uni student. Speaking of Course selections, i am back to square one of my dilemma, okay dudes & dudettes! haha. Let me tell you a story,
once upon a time, there was this girl named Rhenda, after her maths paper, she didnt felt like doing maths for the rest of her life anymore. The End. HAHAHA! well, i never said this would be a long story =)
btw, got my Melbourne Uni conditional offer letter for Bachelor of Environments already! But look, i might wanna switch to Bachelor of Arts and do law. SIGH, decisions decisions ..

I'm kinda not looking forward to going back to Brunei, due to some difficulties for my PR application im gonna be stuck in Brunei for like A WHOLE MONTH, sad not ? NO CLUBBING, NO GOOD SHOPPING PLACES, NO CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR SALE .. MY BURBERRY WALLET .. OH GOD! THE HORROR !!! THEEE HORRORRRR !!!

okay then, i shall accept the fact and meditate.

Go to thee nunnery! HAHAHA =) [meant for Trinity-ians only]

Been watching many awesome awesome series, korean, taiwanese, cantonese. LOVE TTM! =)

Also, due to my lease expiring around January, i need to like pack up now, bet you dont know its tedious and time consuming to pack-up ? especially when you have like an average of 8 huge boxes to pack up & when i say huge, its hugeeee! =) btw, i need to do my laundry before i head back. I need my aunty lydia =((((. AHH! this point then connects to another, which is that my aunty lydia would'nt be in Brunei when im back shes heading back to the philippines and im stuck doing my own laundry and all the other shizz, talk about the perfect holiday right ? D-A-M-N !

one question- whats up with asian people who uses big bombastic words while blogging ? are you trying to separate your distinct-self from the rest of us so called 'typical asians'?


I want to re-colour my hair, should i go for reddish-brown or brownish-brown? HAHA! Its currently brownish-black btw, look at the above pictures for reference =)

OHHHHHHHHHHH! I Realised i didnt blog about prom, haha. well, you can get pictures from my facebook page, it was good due to the company and alot of picture taking sessions! After prom, headed to seven for an after-party, got bounced out around 3.oo am. =S & thats about it =)