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Life as it is.
Leave my door open just a crack Please take me away from here Cause I feel like such an insomniac Why do I tire of counting sheep? When I'm far too tired to fall asleep To ten million fireflies I'm weird cause I hate goodbyes I got misty eyes as they said farewell But I'll know where several are If my dreams get real bizarre Cause I saved a few and I keep them in a jar I'd like to make myself believe That planet Earth turns, slowly It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep Cause everything is never as it seems.

08 April, 2009, 12:05 AM
Wah Cow.

Ive got the Pussy Catdolls ticket already! =D
Last Saturday night, with the Arrow gang & the friends of Arrow gang went to Crowns for an outing, with hoodies
& Converse we raid the streets of Melbourne, acclaiming the fame that we already have.
HAHAHA. WTF, lame i know =) its like 2.34am here and yet im still here blogging,and i have like a bio catch up class to attend tomorrow, youre suck a bitch Bio.
Im fat now =( , i need to diet, might take up kickboxing soon =P have always wanted to do that, uber cool aint it ? =D

This is called the '' Andrew Lip Thingy '' obviously its bcuz of his lips, something is wrong with them.

We will call him Muthu Chu now, or maybe his son. =) HAHAHA, cuz Muthu is KooL, cuz they flip Roti Pratas.
Tram Station!
Press for info : '' The next tram is unavailable O.O ''
okay whatever, while in crowns we went to the arcade, we did this laser tag thing it was awesome! its like paint ball but it doesnt hurt! =) I will be hanging out in crowns more often now! =) heee and also many more of those other games.
Played, Deal or no deal too! the 1st round was like shit =S but the 2nd, hoho~ its exciting alright, the last two number was 1 & 200. Its like a lose or win situation, but i pussied out and got like a 100tickets,after knowing that i have like 200 in my personal case, i was speechless, i do so believe in luck & karma now. My personal case is No.12 btw=)
Were gonna have glamour day this Thursday after the exam! =D
This post doesnt make much sense, i know.
Im lazy like i always am. =)
OH YEAH, My high school senior / friend's sister is one of the top 20 contestants in The Astro Talent Quest. So cool right ? go to the official astro website and vote for her!
She is No.15 SPY.
Since im not in Brunei this is what i can only do.
GoodLuck Peiyi, you have my full support, if youre reading this somehow. =)
I Love Suckao, from Max Brenner's.
Go google it if you have no idea what is it! =P
79more days till im back!
I know you are anticipating for my return!
Lots of Love from Rhenda.