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Life as it is.
Leave my door open just a crack Please take me away from here Cause I feel like such an insomniac Why do I tire of counting sheep? When I'm far too tired to fall asleep To ten million fireflies I'm weird cause I hate goodbyes I got misty eyes as they said farewell But I'll know where several are If my dreams get real bizarre Cause I saved a few and I keep them in a jar I'd like to make myself believe That planet Earth turns, slowly It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep Cause everything is never as it seems.

26 December, 2009, 1:52 AM

Current Status: Unhappy/ Emotional

Don't know anything anymore. Who am I ? What do i strive for ? all blurred into one massive piece.
It's like I'm beginning to doubt myself, or have i been all these while ?
Can i trust people that I have faith in before ?
I don't know what is going on in their minds nor mine.
I just don't know. I need a break.
It's complicated.

... ...

19 December, 2009, 3:37 AM
Its been a long time.

I wanna blog. BUT i'm so lazy. To the point of not wanting to move my fingers and click a few clicks.
I will blog soon, about Valedictory. Results & LIFE in Brunei.

Just came back from tea-ing & its 3.40am! had an awesome night. Aww~ its been a long longgg time since we chatted.

OH ! i need to start dieting soon, like this monday. I swear, if i don't i'll grow into some gigantic human mutant cross breed. HAHAHAHA ! Alrighty.

Something funny to share: (REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE)

AirSteward: What would you like to drink ?
Me: Can I get .. LIKE diet coke please ? =)
AirSteward: YES, you may LIKE have the diet coke.

@( $$Q)#&($)Q#_)#_Q#Q#(*$&@@& WTF right ? hahaha. Bimbo much.


30 November, 2009, 11:09 AM
Party everyday oh oh, party everyday!

Fellow Bruneians and Malaysians who are living in Brunei =) if you are anxious to know when am i coming back, just wait for my call or something when i reach ! but i wont tell you th exact date.

i'm having my last paper tomorrow, whoopee! but i think im kinda fucked ? as in like, im still currently in chapter 5 right now, & i skipped 2 chapters while studying. HAHA. F-U-C-K-E-D!
In my last or last last post, i did mention that i did not feel like going back to Brunei & these are the reason why!!! =)

( Its better than being a couch potato gaining weight,plus its a sport! ) hehehe.

(Photos courtesy of fanglynn,rachel & amanda.)

(haha. darrel!)
Fotos are from last friday, = last friday night for the year! =( NOO, but no worries, I'll be back for more tequila, 151s,wetpussies & ABCs!

But still, No more friday nights for 3 months! T.T ..

In the Tram, on the way to VII.
The girls =)
The Lam ? The Amanda HAHAHA.



This is a short, short preview of what happened =)

ii) SHOPPING, i do not want to shop in Brunei =( ! cuz what you get, yu see them EVERYWHERE, literally.

Also, in Brunei, you buy stuff from The Face Shop. In Australia, you get M.A.C, Anna Sui, Kielhs, Philosophy, NARS, Benefit, Bobbi Brown, Chanel ... (spot the diff ?)

Definitely going to bring my Credit Card & fly to Singapore for a massive shopping spree, when i say massive its gonna be MASSIVE =) EEKKKSSS !! [For you who have not seen my shopping abilities, .. hrm, i might do a post on that =DD)

I'm getting myself a collection of Bobbi Brown gel eyeliners, its freaking good.

For gadgets, what more is there to say ? ahha, you get a free phone when you sign up for a plan, hrm, too bad they dont have sidekicks, should i get one ? hrmm.. Maybe not, haha. Lets just say my itouch, DS & blackberry are eating quite a significant amount of dust at the mo.

But i guess, i'll go back & meditate + lose weight. (HRMM .. not a bad idea! hahaha)

alrighty then, i need to go now, gotto chiong =O

Valedictory this Wednesday! & vee, we need to catch up =)

26 November, 2009, 9:59 PM
Just hanging before the exam.

Okay, its almost 1 and i'm planning to re-read my whole psychology (text)book before i go to sleep and head for exam tomorrow! anxious! I need to score really well, like 90++ ! while drinking my home-made(low-grade) NESCAFE =S, i would rather opt for a better choice of capuccino or latte now! how i wish there is a 24hour starbucks coffee here *bring me one cup minions! hahaha.

On a happier note, im going clubbing tomorrow =DDDD cant wait to parteh before my last paper.
WOW~ I am such a hard-working person. TEEHEE, okay, enough of this self-degrading fun.
And oh, Trinity is ending, well, somehow it has ended but anyhows, i think i will kinda miss the place, my tutors, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM EXCLUDING MY MATH TUTOR, ughh ..
& DRAMA CLASS, Jan extended moments was definitely one of my highlights of the year, how i wish it was longer. =) ohhhhh~! and offcourse, the arrow gang! sighhh, another year another graduation ceremony, another beginning, i shall continue this further nomore, see all of yu pretty people in valedictory. xoxo
Alrighty, i need to go now, see you Brunei peeps soon ;P
Love, Rhenda.

21 November, 2009, 6:29 PM
oh life, why are you so cruel to me?

Slacking Ttm !
2more papers to go! Bio on the 1st of dec & Psychology on the 27th of nov. Gotto chiong ! sigh.
Nevermind, its okay, after my psychology paper, i will be heading to seven for a end of exams partehhh [not my end of exams party thou =( ]
oh well its my well deserved break !=)
The other exam papers were kinda acceptable, except for the fact that math was a nightmare, as usual! ( If you do not know, i totally suck @ maths =) , its my well-accepted fact)
Suddenly I have this urge to finish Trinity and head onwards to Uni like quickly, maybe bcuz of the new apartment that i'm gonna live next year, i getto pick my furniture. AWESOME SHIT ! =D and offcourse the Course selections and subject selections and offcourse more parties and booze. =) AHHH~ the life of a uni student. Speaking of Course selections, i am back to square one of my dilemma, okay dudes & dudettes! haha. Let me tell you a story,
once upon a time, there was this girl named Rhenda, after her maths paper, she didnt felt like doing maths for the rest of her life anymore. The End. HAHAHA! well, i never said this would be a long story =)
btw, got my Melbourne Uni conditional offer letter for Bachelor of Environments already! But look, i might wanna switch to Bachelor of Arts and do law. SIGH, decisions decisions ..

I'm kinda not looking forward to going back to Brunei, due to some difficulties for my PR application im gonna be stuck in Brunei for like A WHOLE MONTH, sad not ? NO CLUBBING, NO GOOD SHOPPING PLACES, NO CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR SALE .. MY BURBERRY WALLET .. OH GOD! THE HORROR !!! THEEE HORRORRRR !!!

okay then, i shall accept the fact and meditate.

Go to thee nunnery! HAHAHA =) [meant for Trinity-ians only]

Been watching many awesome awesome series, korean, taiwanese, cantonese. LOVE TTM! =)

Also, due to my lease expiring around January, i need to like pack up now, bet you dont know its tedious and time consuming to pack-up ? especially when you have like an average of 8 huge boxes to pack up & when i say huge, its hugeeee! =) btw, i need to do my laundry before i head back. I need my aunty lydia =((((. AHH! this point then connects to another, which is that my aunty lydia would'nt be in Brunei when im back shes heading back to the philippines and im stuck doing my own laundry and all the other shizz, talk about the perfect holiday right ? D-A-M-N !

one question- whats up with asian people who uses big bombastic words while blogging ? are you trying to separate your distinct-self from the rest of us so called 'typical asians'?


I want to re-colour my hair, should i go for reddish-brown or brownish-brown? HAHA! Its currently brownish-black btw, look at the above pictures for reference =)

OHHHHHHHHHHH! I Realised i didnt blog about prom, haha. well, you can get pictures from my facebook page, it was good due to the company and alot of picture taking sessions! After prom, headed to seven for an after-party, got bounced out around 3.oo am. =S & thats about it =)


15 November, 2009, 4:35 PM

Why do I always fall ill when exams are nearing ? I'm am now suffering from a massive sore throat and not to mention a fever, no thanks to all those fried foods and fast food. =(
It sucks big time espcially when exam officially starts tomorrow with the commencement of the 1st EAP paper followed by LIT, Math, HOI, PSYCHOLOGY & BIO on their respective dates!
2days back, I had my Drama exam, it was suppose to be a tragic-abstract piece. Wonder why did people end up laughing ? HRM, anyways, i think everyone from the group did their very best, I hope i didnt mess up the play & I'm sorry that i missed 1 practice.
Anyways, I wish all Trinity-ians the best of luck for the year end exams!
and I need to continue working on my Hamlet preparations =(
Sighh~ To be or not to be, that is the question

28 October, 2009, 11:07 PM
just your normal update =)

Okay guys, this might be one of the last updates until my exams are done and over with.

I've been really really obsessed with PPS STREAM lately, t'was introduced by vernie and BAM!
I've been using it ever since =) Its freaking awesome laa! LOVE ttm!

So it has been my daily routine to indulge. What have i been watching yu may ask ?

Horrified ? I'm still in touch with my Chinese roots despite being in a "white" country =) As a Chinese, i still think it's COOOOL to watch Taiwan/Cantonese series and entertainment shows. Unlike some other ABC/Caucasian wannabees! (not directed to anyone in specific) It's just lame to abandone your roots, guys can might as well go get a penis enlargement and girls? a boob job if you're so keen on "changing" your race.

Random: Im thinking of naming my sons 宇威,宇豪 or 宇彦. Why ? Cuz Hu Yu Wei is so damned sexay that i wanna name my sons after him. HAHA ! Just joking =) I just like the name, not a stalker.

HOWEVER, im still watching American based series, been clinging on to Gossip Girl, Big Bang Theory, Melrose Place, 90210, Glee to name a few.. All Thanks to *Amanda who intro-ed!

Yes, Prom is this Friday =( BUT CLUBBING is also this Friday =D. I'm planning to do like 4-5 shots in a row like fo' real yeah! Awesome shit,haha. Pushing my limits i must say ;P. The theme is 7deadly sins(Halloween night) im thinking of dressing up as a devil =P Last update before the exam might be on prom and clubbing!

AHH~ I'm free this coming Monday and Tuesday due to this Melbourne Cup thingy. Its kinda a Horse racing event and we getto lax abit just because theres this existance of Horse-Racing loving people! Dont you love Melbourne ? & the EAP group will head on down to K-box this monday, a pre-exam relaxation theraphy.woohooo. SINGING, I LIKEY !!!!!!

Been on this diet plan since a while ago & now i think it REALLY REALLY REALLY paying off! I've received a lot of compliments saying that I slimmed down. =) AAWWWEEESOOOMMMEEE!!

Anyways, I've started revising for my exams but currently my status is still semi-slacking. Need to lay off the keyboard for a while and start thrusting my fingers against pens and pencils (woo! sexay much.) already! S-U-C-K !

& OH! I kinda came up with a conclusion that I am into like older guys (like 10-20 years) older. I'm not very sure cuz they kinda do have sharp features (for asians that is.) too. So I'm kinda caught between but resorted to Sharp Features! HAHA. I guess i kinda do prefer Asians over other races but i'm still all up for high-ridged noses and big eyed guys =) WITH A LOT (5-8) OF FACE MOLES ! EHEHEHEHEHEHE.


20 October, 2009, 7:32 PM
Spring is officially here!

Today = the hottest day since .. i dont know when, its kinda awesome when you head out with shorts, flip-flops and a plain white T. what can i say ? Spring is finally here!

btw, Nothing special happened lately, thus explaining why have i not been blogging lately.
I've not been studying seriously so after this post, i shall study psy! =( stupid freud.
& I wanna do AWESOME for my exams. sighh..
In relation to my BAD shopping habit, i went shopping again.
& i wanna get more dresses from SUPRE ! =(( to top it off, I'm looking into buying another Burberry bag.
Just finished doing my laundry, haha. While digging for dirty clothes, i found clothes that i've forgetten i bought & they are new. Tssk tskk..
So ANYWAY. Been heading to the gym with Rachel & Manda these past few weeks attempting to lose weight =) I might say its rather useful. Also, I've found out i can live without dinner(which i have been for the past week or so), wooo! shocking.

Oh, I went for another tooth extraction as i mentioned in my earlier post, I officially have less than one complete set of teeth! HAHA. * something to be proud of. NOT* & that above is how my teeth looks like now.This is something my aunt got for my parents when they came. I guess the thing itself explains all. HAHA, now you can see how money orientated am i ! BUT I still love my family(but i'm not really big with all the lovey dovey action things) , btw my mum skyped me and started off with ; " Do you wanna listen to a joke?" (In Canto) then i'm like WTF(yes, i swear infront of my mum) haha. But turns out its not a joke at all, she said her fone was outta credit and used my Brunei line to msg my dad who is in china for yet another Golf-ing trip(which I just found out btw) Daddy thought i sent the msg and replied, i guess my daddy misses me alot. I feel so bad for not calling or msg-ing him. sigh, shall msg him LATER!

Skipped HOI Lecture half way through today & missed literature Tutorial last week. =( Got my EAP oral presentation results - 14.5/2o which is kinda bad. But no worries, Im not devastated. =)

I'm kinda liking my remaining Trinity days, although it's Term 4 but I dont feel the stress YET. But I'm really really happy that I have all these awesome friends here, close or hi-byes, they are awesome.

Ever imagined me if my head were to be Square or Triangle shaped ? TEEHEE.

I'm really glad that i'm still remembered in Brunei, Thanks guys despite the lack of communication. *Loves!

Vain pictures flooding this post, but I like it =) bite me. =PPP

17 October, 2009, 11:51 AM
Confessions of a shopaholic.

Hahaha. Daphne! =( 2 more weeksss!
can anyone stop me from shopping ?
For the past few days/weeks/months i've been shopping like ________.
you fill in the blank. =P
But seriously, i need to STOP ! Do you wanna know my estimated amount for clothes/jewellery/shoes since i came to melbourne ? Let me think, Should be around $4000-$5000.
I'm not proud of my habit.
& yes, shopping is my habit. MY BAD HABIT. =(
I think i need theraphy.
If its not because of my friends, i might go to crown and collins street (high-end branded street and shopping mall) and shop my ass off. =(
I will not shop next month!
Oh! i bet you guys have heard of my ongoing diet plans right ? It's been happening for a few years now and nothing works. Mostly due to my lack of determination, but aha! this time its really working, and i am losing weight.. WOOHOO!
Moving on, my oral presentation was okay i guess, but personally i think i read too much from the cue cards. but vernie said (someone) from my EAP class said i was 2nd best out of the 5people presenting. I dont know, maybe not? =D
Prom is 2 weeks away, still dreading it, but kinda anxious. No worries, this time i'll make sure the flash do not interfere with my makeup. I do not have have blue shadow nor green btw, i know i am tan and i will not ever use those colours. EHEHE.
Darrel's advanced birthday dinner tonight, we're having Indian bcuz darrel's a chin-dian
Just came back from my tooth extraction, my lip feels like Angelina Jolie no thanks to the anaesthetics. It hurts right now, yes. like a bitch.
Short update =)
& Happy Birthday Chin Woon. =) TEEHEE!

11 October, 2009, 9:50 AM
=O what a cruel cold world.

Rhenda. aww look MS anonymous, you've caused such a controversy here,oh well,should be in your "oh so sweet" nature to do so.hope this childish game of yours satisfied your huge ego, run along now, toodles =)
11 Oct 09 09:27
91 beyotch duh ~ r u kidding me? dats d best name ever ~ chillax girl, hope u don go postal ~ love ya baby ;)
11 Oct 09
Ms. Anonymous 91beyotch. The name really suits you. Lmfao See Ya Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya
11 Oct 09
crazy bitch its ok ppl, dun get so bent. n hey dun blow a fuse.its not cool dawg
11 Oct 09

91 beyotch anonymous is a real airhead
11 Oct 09
91 beyotch woo ho ho .. she sounddup huh? is crazy bitch playing with u ? u dunno whos her huh ? i bet u dun wanna knw. manners?? u knw wad? u sounds like you're pissed ? come on la~
11 Oct 09
Ms. Anonymous Crazy ****** don't play ghetto with me. You don't want to go there. Manners? I am not being rude. Manners? lmao I think you should start teaching is blogger first about manners.
11 Oct 09
91 beyotch well i guess dey dun haf a life.. so get a life. ~
11 Oct 09
91 beyotch what wud it feel to be kick out frm ur country huh?? mac PU-ROW-OW , and this anonymous thingy..
11 Oct 09
mokie rhenda..NICE NASI LEMAK!!! teehee~ btw THOSE CHILDISH PEOPLES pls get off from darx blog. "CHEW CHEW"...rhenda, just ignore those busybodies k~ ^^
11 Oct 09
choiyee crazy *****. i know who you are. :)
11 Oct 09
crazy bitch well see whos here? anonymous?? wad girl ? r u trippin' ? its time to learn some manners i guess huh dar? lmao.
11 Oct 09

Ms. Anonymous Learned english where I learned? You're a joke. Yea i've heard it before. I always knew I'm a sweet girl. ;) Thanks for the reminder again though. See ya
10 Oct 09

choiyee rhenda. don't care those wuliaw ren ... ESPECIALLY THAT anonymous. LAME PEOPLE TALK SHITs. haha !!!!!!
10 Oct 09
choiyee =.= rhenda. haha !!!
10 Oct 09

Rhenda. Anonymous:I learn english wherever you learn it.dont you remember? as for your advice,how very sweet of you,BUT im sure you can do better! looking forward to see you&your inner hideous-ness. CHEERS =D
10 Oct 09
SoonHau da watan kue teow at nasi lemak hse is nice!! hahahxD da nasi lemak 2...
10 Oct 09

shin as usual- ii means xp
09 Oct 09
shin yiw're pretty as always
09 Oct 09
Ms. Anonymous Where did you learn english?? China? ROFL I agree with Mac.Pro btw. No offense ;) See you around

A few days back, to this very moment i mean. This MS Anonymous person appeared and apparently cause a very very controversial stir. My cousin/vernie says im just being senstive, no im not, i don't live in self-doubt. Im not even angry about the content of what is written, I'm pissed because of the initial she/he used. Refer to my previous post if you dont get it, the one about anonymous taggers. I've warned and yet ANONYMOUS appeared, such a douche bag to not notice, but I assume she/he did it on purpose, I've checked the IP address, I DO NOT know this person and yes, she/he sparked me, without any reason. AHH~ what a wonderful world dont you think? they will knock you back into reality without any reason AT ALL. She might be bored and well, coincidentally stumbled into this site and thought : " SHE WILL BE MY PREY, I WILL SPARK AND MENTALLY TORMENT HER,CUZ SHE HAS BAD MAKE-UP AND ENGLISH ? PHEWWW, FAR FROM MY LEAGUE." I'm beginning to understand social psychology, it's so amusing, cruel-incompetent people are out there, waiting for a prey just like me and when time is ready they will hunt you down like a helpless little lamb.
Trouble makers i assume, back off if your're not happy with my post or blog or whatever. I don't care what you say or what you type, leave your name down. I'm a straight forward person, I act spontaneously and write down my honest views and opinions.I don't go around using anonymous names to hurt people, i read & forget. This is my personal blog and yeah, I will not allow ignorant pea-brains to emotionally tackle both me & my friend's feelings. If you do not want to read about my daily happenings and catch up with old times and in this case i know you are not interested with, run along, and hunt elsewhere, you are not welcome here. I've set my record straight & i think you owe me an apology.

Thanks guys for helping out, i truly appreciate your support.
As for the others, thanks but no thanks =)